Money never sleeps. In the 21st century these words acquire a particular importance because the electronic payment network covers the whole world and is active every day around the clock. Regardless of whether a transaction takes place in a classic shop or in virtual space, both sides expect that a payment will be made quickly and securely. Systems Solutions develops solutions dedicated to traditional trade and e-commerce as well as the management of payments, ATMs and automatic transaction systems.

Wide portfolio of proprietary solutions for the payment sector:

  • E-commerce support
  • Mobile payment solutions
  • Payment cards, management of transactions
  • Management of ATMs, cash dispensers, multimedia kiosks and POS terminals

Systems Solutions is aiming to help businesses with their Linux, VMware, and system analysis goals and deployments, whether you need to deploy, configure, troubleshoot, and create applications, we can deliver.
We have the experienced certified professionals in all IT fields that can make our clients comfortable in having their workforce in excellent and qualified teams.

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